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Hope your Christmas was a wonderful and fruitful one. And I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year also! Let's get to this shall we?

Blue Dot tail lamps: ABATE of IL is looking into pursuing legislation during this 99th General Assembly to change our motor vehicle code that specifically states "Blue Dot" tail lamps are legal. I am being told there is a rampant issue with motorcyclist being stopped and the blue dot tail lamp is/was the probable cause. Yet, when I ask specific questions on the issue, I get little response to those questions.

On this issue, my question to you is... Do you have or know someone who has blue dot tail lamps? Have you or anyone you know been stopped by any police agency, and the tail lamp was the probable cause? If so, what was the result of that traffic stop? For example, were they ticketed for that lamp? Or, were they ticketed for other issues?

As a secondary ticket, have you or anyone you know been stopped with another issue as the probable cause, example, noise violation, speeding or possible DUI and then got ticketed for the blue dot tail lamp?

The reason I am asking for this information is to determine as your Legislative Chapter person if this an issue we need to pursue? Yes, it is not mentioned in the motor vehicle code, but we have other larger issues, and more pressing issues that need immediate resolution. During a General Assembly, there are only so many bills that they can possibly push through the process.

ABATE of IL can only work so many bills in that process. Just where exactly do we spend our political capital in this new General Assembly? In Illinois, a General Assembly works in two year cycles. If you wish to push a bill, it is best to introduce said bill early in January of the first year. So far, in my humble opion and from responses I have via email and social media, 38 people tell me they have blue dot tail lamps, and several even have blue dot turn signals, nobody as of this writing in my circle have been stopped or ever tickted for these devices.

Now it's not to say, that in different areas of the state that it may be an issue. But for now, in our area, I have not heard any. So I need your help, if you have any other input that it happened or did not, let me know. With the limited political capital we have, we should be focusing our efforts into other issues that affects the entire state.

Recently, we have had the passing of two individuals within our organization. To some extent, I served with, worked with, and had frequent conversations with Mike Straker and Rick "Doc" Jones.

Both of which, after I received several messages of their passing, I refuse to re-post anything until I know it is the real deal and factual. Yet, certain individuals within seconds of the posting instructed me to remove my posting. In both cases, was offensive to said family because not all family members had knowledge of that passing. My post offended the family, not not the previous one's I received?

Now, here is the wonderful thing about the internet and social media...I post on my page, it goes out, it is now on your page. When I removed my posting, my posting is still out there. My job is done. I will say this, what I had written on both of the great men was in no way offensive. If the family was not notified of the passing, not to sound cruel, but not my problem.

Some of you had taken this issue to side with me, as an ABATE of IL organization issue. It is not! Yes, it involved a few individuals within our organization. In fact, three individuals are my issue and I am certain when pressed they have no idea what I am talking about, been down this road before. For those of you who taken up on my behalf, to make it an organizational issue, and ABATE of IL trying to shut me down, this is a real long reach to get there. So stop it!

One thing I will not allow our Executive Board get involved. I have in our past had to appear before the Executive Board and our Board of Directors on my actions dealing with social media. I will not do this a third time. So when the Executive gets involved, they need answers and I will provide them. This is my issue with three particular morons.

Yes I ranted the issue on my page. Only to see if they have the "balls" to discuss publically those request. Strange, they stay quiet publically, but instant message, or text and in Doc Jones cases thoose to call me directly, as again, my posting is offensive.

I appreciate your passion and support when you state you will not renew your membership. That is the wrong path to take. ABATE of IL is the best voice we have in Illinois. Believe me, when you choose to not renew and I or my issue is the reason, now that is an ABATE of IL issue and I will be called in. Wrong action on your part. And those thoughts you have are my fault. Do not go there, stay involved keep in mind, I have not been in the organization this long and not press a button or two.

Neal Toepfer